Great Ways to Accessorize Your Looks

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To jazz up your "do, consider using revamped hair combs, frilly flowers and thick, bold headbands. The new take on the traditional hair comb hit runways this past spring, and it's sure to continue this fall. These new styles are long, extending almost the whole length of the crown of your head.

You may choose to accessorize (and keep your ears warm) with a thick knit headband. For more of a Catwoman-inspired look, you can opt for a patent leather version.

For feminine flower power, consider an oversized floral hair accessory. This adds an element of sophistication to any hairstyle, just be ready for all the attention you'll get. It's not that all eyes aren't on you, they just may spot that beautiful bloom first.

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This black tulle and chiffon rose is also versatile. Wear it with an up "do or mountain of curls for a special evening out, or place it on your jacket or purse as a brooch.