Great Ways to Accessorize Your Looks

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Scarf You'll Want to Try: Anthropologie Wiggly Wrap, $98

This cashmere muffler lends warmth when braving the cold, but also gives a hint of luxe when the lilac is paired with a dark top. Try this scarf if you desire ruffles and squiggles galore.


If you start to get bored with your winter wardrobe, you can liven things up with a belt. Wear over an open knit shrug or thin cardigan. To breathe new life into your winter coat, consider wrapping a skinny belt around the outside of it. Just like in the previous few seasons, you'll want the belt worn high, either above the navel or even higher, just below the bust, to create an empire waist.

Belt You May Want to Try: J. Crew Multi-Buckle Belt, $45

This leather belt has zinc roller buckles and brass snaps. Wear it at the waist.