Styling Tools

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Dryer You Should Try: Hot Tools Black & White Hairdryer

This dryer features a NanoCeramic grill, Direct ION technology and a rubber grip handle. It infuses a high volume of ions into its air stream and your hair gets to reap all the benefits. This technology cuts down drying time by nearly half! It has multiple heat settings, a removable lint filter, multiple heat settings and a cool shot to set your perfect style. $71.99


Diffusers work great for curly-haired girls, and can either be bought separately from your hair dryer or attach onto it. With a diffuser, you dry hair starting at the root, moving in circular motions. You'll want to use the slowest speed setting. When diffusing, you slowly continue to dry the hair, working outward to the ends of your hair. A diffuser's prongs are the key to drying hair, preventing frizz, providing optimum curl and preventing heat damage. This is because the heat is not direct but diffused.

Diffuser You Should Try: TS-2 Aerate Diffuser

This diffuser is all about air, air and more air! The TS-2 Aerate Diffuser features air flow from 5 directions, which give each strand optimum volume. It has vented fingers, side directional air flow vents and a double-vented interior which creates natural curls while proficiently drying hair. Sounds like a bit of a vortex for your hair (without the tangles). The TS-2 has a large bowl shape, which allows it to hold heaping sections of your glossy locks. $30