Eye Shadow Formulas

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Eye Shadow Sticks

Eye shadow sticks are basically cream shadow, but in a convenient stick form. You can apply these without getting any color on your fingers, so they're good choices for when you're on the go.

Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Color Sticks (average price $3.99) glides on smoothly to give you shimmy color that really opens up your eyes. The only drawback of this line is that it's rather limited color-wise, with only 6 shades to choose from.

For a slightly wider range of colors, but a higher price tag, you can go for Hard Candy's Split Personality Eye Color Duo ($6 - $11). These unique eye shadow sticks contain two different shades of color-matched shadow; one at each end of the stick. Smooth, creamy, convenient. Genius!

Mineral Eye Shadow

When you're putting a cosmetic product close to a vital body part like the eye, you might be concerned about the safety of the product's ingredients. Some cosmetics may contain chemicals that can lead to health problems down the road or even cause instant irritation in sensitive individuals. Mineral makeup is a more natural alternative to mainstream cosmetics. Mineral makeup comes in a just about cosmetics format from liquid foundation to, yes, eye shadow.