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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
If you suddenly have an urge to redecorate or rearrange your home, it's likely due to this morning's moon-Uranus sextile, which finds us yearning for change and excited to try something different. In fact, you could be frustrated by any limitations, so be cautious about losing your temper—another common side effect of this aspect. There is also an element of psychic connection with this transit as well, so it's a great day to make some important decisions.

This is also influenced when the moon sextiles Mars, bringing an edge of luck. You'll likely be able to get people to do just what you want them to do, and they may not even put up much of a struggle. You will also see that people are willing to allow you your individuality while still functioning as a valuable contributor to the team. You'll be playing well with others and charming everyone's socks off! You have a lot of popularity today, so don't be shy about taking advantage of it, especially if the vivacious, outgoing vibe is unusual for you.

Standing up for yourself will also come naturally today. If you've failed to set boundaries with certain people, today is a great day to do that as well. However, be prepared for a little pushback because you won't be the only one who's in the mood to advocate for themselves! Don't let that deter you, though, because you have every reason to make the changes you're asking for and they likely don't.

In fact, the sun squares Uranus later in the day, so be careful not to lose your temper about anything. If you can keep it under control, today can shape up to be a great day
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