Hills' Hottie Shares Cellulite-Fighting Secrets

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Even some of her former Hills costars have joined her in the four-week program. "My costars know about my participation in the program, and some even decided to do it with me!" "The show coming to an end is bittersweet," Lo says. "It's been my life since I was 17. But I'm transitioning to television, digital media and promoting my book, which comes out in January."
She's referring to The Lo Down, a dating guide, which will chronicle Lo's experiences -- and those of her friends. Her new Web site, which launched July 13, will go by the same name, TheLoDown.com, and will feature her Nivea campaign results, plus plenty of relationship information. It will also address health and fitness, beauty, style, and celebrity life.

"I approached the site from a business perspective," the UCLA graduate says. "As the show ends, I'm trying to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. I find it interesting how celebrities can promote themselves on the Internet, connecting to their audience in an entirely new way." And expect Lo to be making those connections herself. "I will write about 60 percent of the articles on the site myself, and many of my college friends, who are great writers, will write the rest," Lo explains.