Celebrity Workouts

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Celebrity Fitness Tip #3: Stick with high-intensity cardio routines

Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrity fitness gurus who have become famous for their ability to get in shape fast swear by intensive cardio workouts that rev up the metabolism and get the heart pumping. Complete the workout in a heated room for even more calorie-burning and detoxification benefits.

Celebrity Fitness Tip #4: Mixing cardio with weight training

Doing too much cardio can make it easy for your body to adapt, so the key to weight loss lies in alternating days of intensive weight training with cardio. Celebrities including Matt Damon, Usher and Gwen Stefani keep their fabulous figures by mixing up cardio and weight training for the ultimate resistance workout that burns mega calories in the process.

Celebrity Fitness Tip #5: Give the metabolism a boost with small meals

Eating small, well-balanced meals isn't just the mantra of nutritionists and diet experts. Many celebs that work long hours keep up with some healthy eating habits to keep the metabolism running in high gear. Eating small meals throughout the day is the diet regimen of celebs including Courteney Cox-Arquette and Jessica Alba; space out small meals and snacks into 4-5 intervals throughout the day to maximize your calorie burn.

From mixing up your workout routine to following a high-protein diet, celebs know what it takes to get in shape -- and stay there. Pick up any of these celebrity-inspired workout and diet habits to get your own body into great shape!