Revealed! WORST Leg Exercises

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The least effective exercises for calves are donkey raises and calf presses. Neither offers a better option than standing calf raises, so why bother? Train the gastrocs with the standing calf raise. Train the soleus with the seated calf raise.

Both respond best to two to three sets at high reps of as many as 50 to 100. Calves are most influenced by genetics and either respond really well or stubbornly. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground.

In general, most of what can be done with resistance training is a matter of genetics. If toning and shaping are your goals, incorporate exercises and strategies more consistent with those goals and less related to "bodybuilding" for mass. Practice proper mechanics and control, avoid maximum weight and stay in a rep range of 12 to 20. Be sure to watch what you eat and engage routinely in aerobic activities.