Worst Dining-Out Choices

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Most dieters see dining out as an end to all the good work they've done to date. Instead of the enjoyable occasion eating out should be, anyone on a diet will inwardly groan at the prospect of dining out believing that they will have to abandon their diet because there's no way that they can stick to healthy, low-calorie foods if they're going to be eating in a restaurant. But that's not how it has to be. It's possible to make healthy choices when you eat out - ones that you not only enjoy but are good for your body, too.

It might sound obvious, but when dining out always pay particular attention to the menu. While the calorie and fat content may not be included in the menu, there are clues in the descriptions of the food items that will tell you how much, or how little, damage they will do to your diet. Anything with the word "crispy" in the title undoubtedly means that the food is deep-fried so perhaps not the wisest choice for a dieter. Always opt for foods that have had the least done to them.

For example, a chicken breast that is simply grilled is a good choice. Skip the heavy, rich sauces, too, as these are typically swimming in calories and will do very little for your waistline (apart from helping to expand it). If you remember to stick to simple, "unfussy" food then you will be making sensible choices. This also applies to vegetables and salads.