Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Keep an eye on the sale bin in the frozen meat department of your grocery store. Often various lean cuts of meat will be reduced for quick sale. You can save money by buying meats on sale or in "family size" packs, just freeze what you won't be immediately using, and thaw when needed. Less expensive, lean cuts of meat often taste best slow-cooked, as this helps to retain moisture and flavor.

Try new recipes. Look for those utilizing fresh ingredients, low-calorie condiments, and new spices and flavors that you might enjoy. Learn to use leftovers. Making soup from scratch gives you control over the sodium content and is a great inexpensive meal that can use up meat, pasta, and vegetables. Leftovers are also great the next day for school or work lunch boxes.

Don't deprive yourself. When eating healthy, and shopping on a budget, make sure to splurge on just one thing that will help you feel both healthy and happy. A small bar of rich dark chocolate packed with antioxidants, or a half pound of your favorite gourmet roasted coffee beans will go a long way in making you feel that you aren't missing out on the foods you enjoy.