Eat Up! Quick Chicken Thigh Recipes

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Greek Creamy Chicken Tossed Salad

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This chicken thighs recipe combines creamy, tangy Greek-inspired chicken and fresh, crunchy veggies for a healthy, balanced meal in minutes. 


2 lbs. chicken thighs, roasted and cooled
1 heart of romaine lettuce
1 bag of sweet butter lettuce (or two additional romaine hearts)
1 cup of cherry tomatoes, halved
¼ cup Kalamata olives
½ purple onion, sliced thinly
1 cucumber, peeled and sliced
¼ cup plain Greek yogurt
½ cup plus 3 Tbsp. of Greek or Caesar dressing


Discard the chicken skin and pull the chicken off the bone. Cut into strips or bite-size chunks. Toss the chicken with 3 Tbsp. dressing and let sit for 15 minutes. Toss all the remaining ingredients together. Top with the chicken. Serve with a sliced baguette and a glass of Pinot Grigio, if desired.