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3. Corded electric teakettles

The West Bend 6400 1-Quart Electric teakettle is one of very few electric teakettles that have a whistle. The auto shut off will only trigger when the kettle has actually boiled dry, which means you want to unplug it and use your water immediately when you hear the whistle. This model does work well to heat water and costs a modest $19.99.

4. Traditional tea kettles

A stove top kettle will take about twice as long as an electric one to heat water, but it will get the job done. Some popular models include the Revere 3.5 quart copper bottomed teakettle, the Kitchen Aid 2 quart porcelain teakettle, and the Animal Kettle novelty teakettles which include a strawberry, a duck, a giraffe, and other whimsical designs. Stove top tea kettles are priced similarly to the electric versions but are made in a wider variety of colors, shapes, and styles. For tea aficionados with the patience to wait for their water, a stove top teakettle can add a touch of homey charm to any kitchen.