Are You a Gold or a Silver Person?

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Understanding the personal traits associated with each metal will also help you understand why you have an intuitive preference for one or the other, so you can put your preferred metal to work for you in your jewelry. So let's take a closer look at gold and silver.

Do you need Gold or Silver for Balance?

Our life journey starts from where we are right now and takes us where we need to go. Our multifaceted personality tries to lead the way. With the help of astrology we can deepen our understanding of the many different aspects of our personality, sometimes beset by conflict. We become conscious of our true virtues and acknowledge our vices and weaknesses. Only then are we prepared to move forward to in our quest for balance.

Whether man or woman, we all have necessary male and female qualities that need to be brought into balance in order to fulfill our potential and enjoy harmonious relationships with others. Because they represent male and female energies, gold and silver can help us achieve this balance. I use 18-karat or higher karat gold to strengthen the masculine (the air and fire elements in astrology), or sterling silver to strengthen the feminine (the earth and water elements) in my clients' charts.

Gold and its special Qualities

The beauty of gold derives from its color and luster. It is the most ductile (meaning that it can be stretched without breaking) and malleable of all metals and can be rolled into exceedingly thin translucent sheets. It is quite resistant to acids and chemicals in general, as well as to moisture and heat, making it well suited to jewelry.

Gold, from ancient times to modern, has always been the most precious and valued metal. In many ancient cultures gold was considered to be the metal of the gods. It was used in jewelry, coins, and sacred objects. Across the ages it has been used by the wealthy and powerful to display their status.