Are You a Gold or a Silver Person?

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But for many women it might be more helpful to wear gold to support decisiveness and self-expression and to strengthen the inner male aspects. On the other hand, if a woman has a lot of fire energy in her chart and problems around finding and expressing her feminine side, silver should be considered.

Often it is helpful for men to wear silver to support their feminine qualities of intuition, creativity, and imagination. But if a man has a lot of water energy in his chart or a strong cancer or moon position, gold is essential to achieve balance.

As you can see there is much more than monetary value and beauty to gold and silver. Along with the other elements of a piece of jewelry -- the gemstone, shape, color, and where the piece is worn on the body -- your choice of metal deserves special consideration, as it can enhance the qualities you are striving to express in your personality and your life.

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