Are You a Gold or a Silver Person?

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One reason for the high value we place on gold might be that it has the color of the sun, the source of all life on this planet. As I see it, life is consciousness itself! In astrology the sun represents the center of our being, our self-awareness, identity, and life force, as well as our highest state of consciousness. It is our true nature! So gold is beneficial when you feel you have lost your center or your identity, bringing you into alignment with the sun and your true self.

Silver and its special Qualities

Silver, though less precious than gold, also has special physical characteristics that make it highly valued in many applications. It is also very ductile and malleable and can be highly polished. It conducts electricity and heat extremely well. It is used in coins, utensils, electronics, dentistry, batteries, and more.

Colloidal silver is used for its antibacterial properties by alternative medical practitioners. Its very high reflectivity makes it of value for making mirrors and in photography. A great deal of jewelry is made of silver because it is so much cheaper than gold. Some people also prefer the white color of silver.

The moon enfolds the feminine principles, including receptivity, nurturing, motherhood, giving life, giving and receiving, our unconscious mind, fantasy, creativity, safety, and feelings. Like a mirror, the moon reflects the light of the sun, lighting our way in the dark of night.

Trust your Intuition

I have observed that many women who prefer silver for their jewelry have a strong cancer or moon position in their astrological chart, or a lot of water energy. For them it seems intuitively natural to flow with the moon energy represented by silver.