5 Ways to Make Him Want You While You're Gone

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Sexy Texting

One of the best ways to connect from any place on the planet is with a text message. You can let him know easily that you are having a great time and keep him hot with a few seductive messages.

Remember, men are creatures with very vivid, active imaginations. The trick to long-distance romance is to give him a few hints about how much you look forward to some hot, welcome-back action, rather than just bluntly stating it. Text about your great new tan. Follow up with a text about how much you love the new bikini you bought at the mall and let his brain do the rest.

Long, Lusty Letters

When short bursts like texts on your trip start to feel less like seductive messages and more like teasing that he cannot do anything about, think about switching to email. If you have a partner who is a total romantic, he will really get into the idea of you taking time to step away from your business meetings on a company trip just to remind him that you find him sexy.

These letters should strike a perfect balance between talking about your trip and letting him know that you miss him in bed. Too much pining for his hands on your hips starts to sound desperate and sad, two things that should have no place on your vacation or business trip.

Mention things that you see or learn while away, things that make you miss his caress. Describing scents that remind you of him - scents that get you hot, no matter how far apart you may be - will help plant ideas about how you cannot wait to get home, catch that scent and then have your way with him.