5 Ways to Make Him Want You While You're Gone

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Talk Dirty and Flirty

Give him a call and let him know what dirty thoughts you are having every night that he is not there. This will appeal to his ego and remind him that long-distance romance helps rediscover your desires.

Do not worry about being shy when you chat over the phone about his body pressed up against yours, or how your lips are practically quivering with anticipation for that moment when they can explore his body, or how much you are looking forward to having his lips and fingers all over you after setting a land speed record on the drive home from the airport.

If you are not comfortable getting dirty on the phone, then vocally seductive messages may not be the best way for you to spark up your long-distance romance. It may help to just let him narrate your imaginative sexual encounters over the phone, especially when you love how his voice sounds.

Teasing with Video Chat

Cameras are practically standard equipment on most laptops and mobile devices these days. That means you can be on separate continents, yet still you can get a rise out of him with your naughty dance moves or revealing vacation wardrobe.

Be sure that this only happens when you are both able to get into it. In other words, trying to have a sexy video chat while one of you is on a train, plane or bus is going to lead to some awkward glances. Plan your sexy video chats around your schedules so that you can go somewhere private, preferably your hotel room. This way, you can do everything you would if you were actually together, short of actually touching. This is a great way to ramp up the lust level beyond seductive messages, as you tease to please while he awaits your return.