Successful Dating - 6 Resolutions to Ensure Your Dating Success This Year

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A new year can mean a new start in many areas of your life. So why not make dating success one of the areas that you work on? If you've been struggling to meet and keep the man of your dreams, then these resolutions can help you to break through those old patterns into a new happy, loving, romantic relationship. If you're ready to find out what successful dating requires, these 6 resolutions will help:

Resolve to present yourself as a quality woman who values herself

Some women devalue themselves in a man's eyes by putting themselves down and telling him all their bad points up front. This is not a good sales call and will not get you the guy. Present your positive points in the beginning and don't show the negatives until your relationship is strong enough to cope. This means not spilling your negative emotions, including how badly men have acted towards you in the past. Present yourself as a quality woman who is in control of herself because she doesn't put up with other people's bad treatment or let herself be taken advantage of.