Successful Dating - 6 Resolutions to Ensure Your Dating Success This Year

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Resolve to let him show you what a catch he is

Don't go mad trying to convince him what a catch you are. If you want to be in control of the new relationship, then let him show you why he is the one for you. Quite often a man will go crazy over a woman when he is not sure whether she is into him, whilst the woman who chases him shows herself as easy prey and not such a good long-term prospect. Let him show you that he is mature, stable and crazy about you before you let yourself get hooked.

Resolve to become the centre of your own fulfilling universe

Stop looking for a man to provide all your entertainment and start looking for a source of fulfilment outside of a relationship. That's doesn't mean just keeping yourself busy until the right man comes along, but finding out what really fulfils you and makes you happy. When you enjoy your life with or without a man, you will radiate a magic sense of satisfaction that is very powerful and attractive to a man.