Educational Video Games

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Video games get a lot of negative press for the violent content and addictive nature of many titles. However, for every newsworthy violent game out there, there are quite a few healthy, educational titles available as family-friendly alternatives.

When choosing video games for your family you need to consider the system, subjects, and ages you want to involve in your family gaming plan. You can find games on any number of subjects, from language to math, science, and even cooking.

Systems, Subjects and Ages

The best system for educational gaming is by far the Nintendo DS. It's portable, innovative, and because it's a single player system, it allows for individual time for each player. The DS has long since branded itself as a great educational tool and the software library boasts some of the most popular educational video game titles on the market.

Not all educational video games focus on a single school subject. While there are plenty of game series that have titles for math, reading, spelling, grammar, and history, there are many others that focus on broader topics. You can find titles that teach other languages, cooking instructions, fitness programs, and some that just do general knowledge to increase your "brain health."

When looking for educational video games you need to keep in mind the ages of the players. For the younger crowd, there are many character-based educational games such as Ni Hao, Kai-Lan: New Year's Celebration. Older children can find fun in the Imagine or My Coach series. Almost all ages can benefit from the Brain Age and Big Brain Academy titles which offer general memory and mental health exercises.