Educational Video Games

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Educational Video Games for Older Ages

General knowledge titles are good for most ages and several titles have the extra bonus of adjusting to your own level of play over time. One of the most popular titles for mental training is Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day which offers quick doses of mentally challenging mini-games designed to get you thinking.

After your first play on the game, the system gives you a "brain age" score that you can work to improve - the younger your brain, the better you're doing! Improvement comes within various areas, including memory, reaction time, calculations, and reading, all using either the stylus input or microphone.

This title is a great exercise that you can use in your daily routine. The game even encourages a routine use by prompting small memory challenges each time you turn it on. Say you start a session on Monday - you may be asked a question like what you had to eat for breakfast that day. A few days later, when you start a session the game may ask you what you had for breakfast on Monday to test your memory.

Educational games aren't just for kids; adults can always learn something new and have fun doing it!