Shopping with Kids: Easing the Burden

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Taking the kids along on a shopping trip can be a treat or a hassle, depending on how you handle things. With a good plan in mind and the right supplies you can turn a dreaded chore into a fun and potentially educational experience.

Pre-Planning Your Shopping Trip

Before you start shopping you need to have a plan in mind for where you're going and what you need to get. This is always a good idea, even if you're shopping solo as it helps cut down on unnecessary travel, time, and spending.

The first thing to consider is time, specifically what time you're planning on heading out to the stores. Avoid high-traffic times such as mid-day on weekends, or just before dinner on week days. If you have infants or young children, taking them shopping after they're refreshed from a nap and fed will cut down on fussy moments.

Write out a list of the stores you need to visit and what you're looking for at each one, then plan your route. A good rule to follow is to create a circle between your destinations so you'll spend less time backtracking and end up at home in the end. If you have older children learning about maps, have them help plan your driving route.