Shopping with Kids: Easing the Burden

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Making a checklist of the items you need to purchase can be a fun job to give one of your older kids to manage. Showing the progress of your errands by marking off finished tasks can help manage fussy shoppers by showing them you're getting near the end of your trip. This method also cuts back on impulse buying for both you and the kids by allowing you to say "well, it's not on the list - do we really need it?"

Shopping with Infants and Toddlers

When you have young children or infants in tow be prepared to take breaks to make sure their needs are being met. Pack plenty of supplies for the day - the normal diaper bag full of infant needs is an obvious must. Make sure to take plenty of breaks to ensure your baby is well hydrated, many stores have dry air which can cause them to dehydrate quickly, as well as the transition in and out of buildings.

A stroller may put too much distance between you and your child when shopping in a noisy, crowded environment. Most babies are happier when held close, so a baby sling may be your best bet to keeping your infant soothed. Having a favorite toy along for the ride may help a baby cope with longer shopping trips.

Toddlers can be a challenge in two ways, they may be fussy and not want to cooperate in the stores, or they become overly excited and a handful to keep in control. Shopping can be an overly-stimulating experience and some toddlers will break out and get into everything if you're not careful.