10 Foods to Banish from Your Pantry

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5. Canned soups with high sodium

Many dieters turn to canned soup as a low-calorie, low-fat lunch alternative. But be warned - most canned soups are simply loaded with sodium, which can be detrimental to your heart health. Choose low-sodium versions of your favorites and add herbs to boost the flavor.

6. Regular granola

Granola is another of those sneaky "health" foods that is actually teeming with fat, sugar and calories. Trade the regular granola for good old-fashioned oatmeal, mix in some dried fruit and a handful of low-fat granola and you'll have a low-sugar, high-fiber start to the day.

7. White flour

White flour-also known as bleached flour, enriched flour or wheat flour-is flour that has been chemically treated and stripped of its most important nutrients. Processed foods, like pastas, cereals, bread and baked goods, are typically made with white flour, which can have a negative effect on your blood sugar level and contribute to weight gain.

Replace the bag of white flour in your pantry with a bag of whole wheat flour, available at most grocery and health food stores. You may soon find that you prefer the hearty taste in your own homemade baked goods. If you're not sold on 100% whole wheat flour, you can ease into the switch by buying mixes that are 50/50 of white and whole wheat flours, or white whole wheat flour.