Is it OK for Kids to Go Vegetarian?

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In 2009, the American Dietetic Association sang the praises of vegetarian diets, saying they are "associated with a number of health advantages," including:
  • Lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels;
  • Lower risk of heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes;
  • Lower body mass index; and
  • Lower overall cancer rates.

These may seem like issues that only adults need concern themselves with, but keep in mind that diabetes and obesity are quickly becoming issues for our younger generations and it's never too early to establish healthy eating habits.

The Basics of a Vegetarian Diet

Though a vegetarian is literally defined as a person who doesn't eat any meat-including poultry or seafood-many people play fast and loose with their definition of vegetarianism until they find a niche that works for them. A vegan is someone who shuns animal products in all forms, including milk, cheese, eggs, honey, leather and wool.