Is it OK for Kids to Go Vegetarian?

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Talking to Your Child About Going Vegetarian

The first thing you should do when your child mentions that they want to be a vegetarian-besides not freaking out-is conduct some research. There are thousands of Web resources dedicated to providing comprehensive nutrition information for vegetarians and meat-free recipes; many of which specifically address the needs of vegetarian children.

Next, start a dialogue with your child about their newfound dietary interest. Instead of panicking about their health and shutting down their ideas, ask a few questions so that you can better understand why they want to make this significant lifestyle change.

For some young children, the decision to go vegetarian is based on ethics. For others, it's simply a matter of taste. And for others still, it's a passing phase, or an assertion of independence. And as far as pre-teen rebellion is concerned, they could do a lot worse. By showing respect for your child's wishes and autonomy and calmly working together to establish healthy dietary habits, you can ensure that a vegetarian diet provides everything a growing child needs.