Is it OK for Kids to Go Vegetarian?

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Exercise patience with your fledging vegetarian. She may initially choose to avoid all red meat, seafood and leather products, but still consume chicken and dairy. A few months down the line, she may give up poultry altogether, only to forgo the vegetarian diet entirely a few years later. Vegetarianism can be a fluid process for some, especially young people who are just starting to establish their tastes and value systems.

This is also a great time to teach the art of mutual respect to your child. Demonstrate that you can accept their new lifestyle, but that they must also show respect for others' eating habits. Stress that while it's OK to talk openly with others about their meat-free diet, it is poor form to make rude comments or to judge meat-eaters for their choices.

With communication, education and openness, you and your child can find a way to make it a healthy choice for a child to go vegetarian.