Your House's Danger Zones

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It's important that you also go through your medications, supplements and vitamins every-so-often to check the expiration dates. Expired medications can lose their strength or even spoil.

Danger Zone - Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets can be a danger zone, especially those under the sink where we typically store cleaning supplies and chemicals. You can still keep these items underneath the sink if you install childproof cabinet locks. Otherwise, you should find another area of the house where children cannot access them.

Check all lower cabinets where children have access for items that may be unsafe or dangerous. Knives, items with sharp corners, or anything that could hurt your child should be removed and stored out of reach.

Other cabinets may contain food, which can be a danger zone if your child has any food allergies. Make sure that any foods your child is allergic to are out of reach or locked up. You can also install door knob guards or cabinet locks to keep your children out.

Stoves pose the risk of a child burning themselves or starting a fire, so you should protect your child by installing knob guards. These prevent the child from turning on the burners.