Your House's Danger Zones

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If you have been washing your car in your driveway, never leave a bucket of water sitting unattended. Just as a small child can fall into a toilet, a small child can also topple into a bucket of water.

Danger Zone - Miscellaneous

Throughout the home you will find outlets. These pose the threat of a child being electrocuted. You can easily cover all of your outlets with childproof outlet covers.

Children should also not have access to any room in the house that uses a space heater, floor furnace, or radiator, as these can result in child burn injuries. You may wish to install gates to keep children out of these rooms. Space heaters have also been known to tip over, so purchase a model that has an automatic safety feature that will shut off the heater if it topples over.

Cords of various kinds can present a danger to your children, whether they are hanging cords from blinds or those attached to appliances. Cords from blinds can present a strangulation danger. Cords from appliances can be pulled on, causing the appliance to fall on a child. Something hot like a crock pot could result in burn injuries, while something heavier, like a television, can result in serious injuries or even death.

There should be at least one smoke detector on every level of your home. Your entire home can easily become a danger zone if you do not have working smoke detectors installed, which also includes in the attic and basement. Smoke detectors should be tested every 3 months and batteries should be replaced every 6 months.