Your House's Danger Zones

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Danger Zone - Backyards

Your backyard can pose some serious dangers, especially if you have a pool. Sadly, every year in the United States, hundreds of children accidentally drown in a pool. Any doors that lead to the outside should have locks that children cannot reach. Pools should be fenced and you can also have an alarm system installed that will alert you if someone should fall into the pool.

Be aware of other water hazards in the backyard, such as buckets, birdbaths, decorative ponds or even wheelbarrows that have collected rainwater. Children should not have access to any standing water. Even as little as 2 inches can pose a drowning threat.

Safely store all yard tools and related implements -- rakes, shovels, trowels, hoes, fertilizer, etc. -- after every use in a locked garage or tool shed where curious children cannot gain entry.

Danger Zone - Driveways

Your driveway can also be a danger zone. Children have been hit and killed by drivers who back up in a driveway and are unaware that a small child is behind them. Before backing out of your driveway, make sure there is no one around and keep your eyes on your mirrors while backing up.