Getting a Natural Look with Makeup

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Quick Tip: Pick a foundation that is as close to your natural skin color as possible, which not only takes into account your face color, but also your neck. This will help you avoid those harsh lines where your makeup ends and your neck begins (not natural or attractive-looking). Be sure to blend!

If you have dark under-eye circles you'll want to choose an under-eye concealer that is actually a shade or so lighter than your skin tone, preferably with a hint of yellow. This will help light reflect off of those areas and dissipate some of the shadow. Apply the concealer with your finger and blend in an upward circular motion.

Natural Skincare Makeup Trick

Some areas of our skin tend to need a little extra care. Red areas around the nose and mouth are common, so you may need to take some extra time to apply and blend your foundation around these areas. Remember, it's not about caking the makeup on, but achieving a smooth overall look by addressing trouble spots and blending your foundation accordingly.

Creating a natural look with makeup doesn't stop at your skin. It's also about enhancing your best features, like your eye color. To achieve a fresh-faced look with bright, beautiful eyes, you'll need to shape your eyebrows and check your eyebrow color.

Quick Tip: Don't over-shape your eyebrows! Over-plucking your eyebrows can make them look too thin or disappear all-together. Use a pencil or ruler and place it vertically at the corner of your eye so that the line extends from below your eye to above your eyebrow. This should be where your eyebrow begins, so only remove any hair that falls outside of that line.