Getting a Natural Look with Makeup

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For a natural eyebrow arch, use the same pencil or ruler and starting at your nose, create a diagonal angle that crosses over the pupil of your eye (while you are looking forward), the area the pencil crosses on your eyebrow should be the highest point of your arch.

Enhancing Eyebrow Color

Although under-recognized, your eyebrows can be a big factor in a younger looking face, since they frame your eyes. After you shape your eyebrows (or if your brows are naturally thin), you may want to enhance the color with makeup. Generally, you should choose eyebrow makeup that is about 3 shades lighter than your hair color.

Powder eyebrow makeup is easy to apply with a small, angled brush. Just be sure to blend to achieve a natural look.

Enhancing Eye Color

You'll want to stick with neutral eye shadow shades while going for a natural look. Choose beiges, pinks, tans, and a lighter "highlight" color to apply just under your eyebrows (near your arch) and next to the inside corner of your eyes. You can opt for using a little brown eyeliner to make your eyes pop, but stick to a thin line on the top lid only and blend it into your lash line. Applying a light coat of mascara in brown or black can finish off the look, but only focus on the top lash to get a natural look.

To finish off your natural look you'll want to add just the right amount of color and emphasis on your lips and cheeks. For blush, choose a translucent pink and dab lightly on just the apples of your cheeks to get that fresh, glowing look.