Spring Looks You'll Love

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There are some easy ways to enjoy fashion without emptying your wallet or looking like a kid playing dress up. It's all about balance: stick to pieces that are classic, and throw in some fun trendy pieces to keep you up to date. 

Personal style is important. Even if you aren't a haute couture maven, you probably want to stock your wardrobe with clothing that fits well, looks up-to-date and suits you.

Make spring your season to discover all the fun and inspiring new looks that bring out your unique beauty.


This classic, delicate fabric seems to make a comeback every other season. Sometimes it's seen giving a feminine grace to punk-inspired creations, other times, it appears on more classic pieces. For spring, the focus is strongly on the latter. If you want to wear this year's lace, the key is moderation. You love your grandma, but don't want to look like you raided her linen closet! Choose pieces with well-placed lace trim or detailing to keep your look youthful and fun.

Biker Style

The models at this year's spring fashion previews often looked like they'd gotten style tips from the Hell's Angels. Studded leather and tough-girl denim are some of the hottest looks of this season. To bring this look into the real world, pick a biker-themed accessory (like a studded cuff or pair of leather boots) and add it to a sexy-casual outfit. The cuff-style bracelets have also been appearing in beaded styles that can be worn for evening too.