Spring Looks You'll Love

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Pastel Green

Pink is THE standard spring pastel, followed closely by sunny yellow. Peach made a splash a few years ago. Now it's green's turn to shine. Seafoam, mint, call it what you will, pastel green is set to be one of the must-have colors in spring.

Longer Hemlines and the Lady-Like Silhouette

Boxy and androgynous looks are scarce this season; designers are focusing on traditional lady-like lines. You can use this to your advantage, whether you're dainty or curvy, by choosing clothing that showcases your most feminine features. This emphasis on classic feminine attire plays a large part in the comeback of the longer skirt; many of the dresses and skirts from this season feature hems that are well below the knee. While some of this spring's skirts are flouncy or A-line, the straight skirt will rule the day. This style can be wonderfully slimming and add sophistication to your wardrobe. It's best to try on several different skirts before selecting one. Make sure the skirt hugs your hips without being uncomfortable. Skirts with slits allow for more mobility when wearing this style.


Tassels ain't just for curtains anymore. Tassels of all styles and colors will be in this spring on shoes, skirts, bags and other pieces. These decorative flourishes can add a hint of luxury (or exoticism, depending on what you're going for) to your wardrobe.