So-called Healthy Foods That Aren't Healthy

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~ Eat your bran, it's so good for you. Avoid those over-sized bran muffins. They are chocked full of sugary calories. Portions are out of whack too! Eating one is like eating three normal sized bran muffins. Try making your own bran muffins. Make up ahead of time and freeze for later.

~ Soda, whether diet or regular should be avoided altogether. Studies show that both can make your pancreas go into high speed, raising your insulin level making you gain weight. Purdue completed a study on artificial sweeteners that showed test animals gained weight instead of loosing it, while consuming the artificial sweeteners.

Always take the time to read and compare food labels. Fall back on fresh organic fruit as a quick snack for your family. Take time to divide up pre-cut fresh organic veggies for a quick snack during the hectic week. Filter your own water. Have handy re-usable water bottles available. Thinking ahead can really help everyone to make better food choices throughout the rushed week. Which will eliminate falling prey to those "unhealthy" health foods.