Happy Halloween: Keep it Safe

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Halloween is pretty hectic, but the same precautions you practice year round when crossing the street should be observed. When you're choosing a costume, go for one that's reflective and bright so you're child can be seen. Be sure that they were comfortable shoes and costumes so that they don't trip or become tangled up. Any sword, knife or other accessories shouldn't be too long or too sharp. Carry a flashlight - and use it - when trick or treating. Bring a cell phone with you in case of an emergency. Plan a route that includes well-lit streets. Stay on the sidewalks - if there aren't any sidewalks, walk on the side of the road facing traffic. Avoid cutting across yards or alleys. Only hit homes that are lit up. Don't ever accept a ride from a stranger. Even though you're an adult, you're still at risk. Go through all of your children's candy before they dive in and weed out any treats that are unwrapped, suspicious or spoiled.