A Match Made In Hell? Red Flags That He's Not the One

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You're seeing someone new, and while the chemistry is there, you're just not sure if your compatibility extends past the bedroom. Finding love is never easy, but there are some relationship red flags that can tell you if your new courtship is all sizzle with no substance or if you should give your new relationship a chance to grow.

Relationship Red Flag: All Your Friends Hate Him

It's completely understandable that your new love interest might not instantly bond with all of your friends. Maybe they don't share any common interests or perhaps you have a friend working through some jealousy issues; however if you've introduced your new guy to several different friends and they all think he's a jerk, there maybe something to that.

While you need to form your own opinion, your friends also might be seeing something in him that you are not. So if they start complaining about your guy, listen openly and honestly to what they have to say. If several different people are all picking up on some off-putting or rude behavior, it could be a real sign that something isn't right.