A Match Made In Hell? Red Flags That He's Not the One

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It's one thing to tell a little white lie about a new haircut looking great or that the homemade dinner was of restaurant quality, but if you start catching your boyfriend lying about where he's been, who he was with, or even what he was doing, it could be a sign that something shady has-or is about to-happen.

Consistently lying about small, seemingly inconsequential things establishes a pattern that can easily lead to lying about the big stuff. There's no reason why your new guy should lie to you about going bowling with his buddies, so if he told you he was eating dinner at his grandma's house instead, you should start thinking about an exit strategy.

Relationship Red Flag: He Never Invites You Over

Relationships involve two people, so it's natural to involve two households. If he only ever wants to hang out at your place and never invites you over to his, something's just not right.

Perhaps he still lives with his parents and he's embarrassed about it. Perhaps he's married or involved with someone else. Or perhaps he's just a giant slob whose apartment should be quarantined. No matter what the reason is, if he flat out refuses to bring you back to his place, you need to find out why.

You'll want to know a little more about his domestic habits before you get too involved and decide to move in together, and you'll definitely want to know if you're the other woman and he already has someone else waiting for him at home.