A Match Made In Hell? Red Flags That He's Not the One

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Relationship Red Flag: The Ex is Still Around

Being friends with an Ex isn't always a red flag, but it's important to look at the dynamics of the relationship. Occasionally hanging out with his Ex and a few other friends is usually pretty harmless, but if your new guy is constantly spending time with an old girlfriend, calling or receiving phone calls/text/emails every few days, or keeps pictures of her around his house, it may be a sign that his old girlfriend is still a pretty important part of his life.

At this point you need to determine if they are really just friends or still harboring emotions that will make your life miserable. If your boyfriend isn't ready to leave his old girlfriend behind, he might not be ready to start a new relationship with you.

Relationship Red Flag: You Catch Him Lying

Everyone stretches the truth a bit from time to time, especially when the truth might really hurt someone's feelings, but some lies can be a red flag that something bad is going on behind the scenes.