Basics of Crystal Healing

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To awaken the elemental (the spirit or deva within the crystal) of a crystal, one should dedicate the crystal with love and light for the good of all beings in the universe. Then, one should graciously receive the magnificent gift of energy given off by the crystal.

To dedicate a crystal, one must first clearly determine the purpose or intention of his or her program or dedication with love and light for the good of all beings. Then, one should place the crystal at the 6th chakra/3rd eye chakra/Brow chakra or hold it in one's hands. Next, he or she should vividly imagine the positive and successful outcome of the intention/program/dedication (using sensory cues and vivid imagery). One should visualize the result of the program in as much detail as possible. This information should be transmitted into the crystalline structure via thought intention to be stored and recorded there for the good of all beings. The program should be repeated whenever one intuitively feels that it is again necessary (and as often as he or she likes).

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