Basics of Crystal Healing

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HEMATITE: Use at the 1st Chakra (Base Chakra/Root Chakra) for grounding, to balance the mind, body, and spirit, for astral travel and shamanic journeying, to transform negative energy into positive energy, to bring peace and calming, to encourage confidence, to aid in removing addictions, to aid in acceptance of one's life, to increase concentration, to stimulate memory, to encourage creativity, to aid in studying, to maintain proper blood circulation, to help the body assimilate iron, to relieve insomnia, and to reduce fever.

JADE: Use at the 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra) for gaining wisdom and insight through meditation, to bring love and compassion, for protection, to bring mind, body, and spirit into balance, to bring luck, to stimulate new friendships, to encourage independence, to stimulate creativity, to bring intuitive dreams, to bring peace and calming, to cleanse the physical body, to increase fertility, to aid in successful child birth, and to bring balance to the systems of the physical body.

JASPER, FANCY: (Also known as Rainbow Jasper) Use at the lower chakras; 1st Chakra (Root/Base Chakra), 2nd Chakra (Sacral/Spleenic Chakra), 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra); 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra) for encouraging peace and calming, promoting group cooperation, to aid in grounding, to assist with shamanic journeying and dreaming exercises, for balance in the mind, body, and spirit, to promote emotional strength, to activate creativity, to aid in circulation of the blood, and to increase positive thinking.

JASPER, LEOPARD SKIN: (Also known as Leopard Skin Rhyolite) Use at the 1st Chakra (Root Chakra/Base Chakra) or 2nd Chakra (Sacral Chakra/Spleenic Chakra) for manifesting healing energies, to increase energy in the etheric body, to maintain proper health in the systems of the body, to increase one's personal strengths, to bring balance to mind, body, and sprit, to banish negative energies, to aid in the assimilation of nutrients, to bring peace and calming, to encourage a helping hand both to and from others, to stimulate shamanic journeying and astral travel, for protection, to cleanse the etheric body, to banish electromagnetic pollution, to facilitate accurate pendulum dowsing sessions, to bring will power, to stimulate courage, to increase organization of one's environment, to bring support during times of illness, and to stimulate cognition.