Basics of Crystal Healing

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The uses of crystals are incredibly varied. Crystals can be used for many types of divination (including ball and bowl scrying and pendulum dowsing). These powerful tools can also be successfully utilized in healing and cleansing of the mind, body, and spirit (of plants, animals, and humans alike). They are terrific aids in healing work done to clear and balance the chakras and subtle bodies. They are also beneficial for the development of the intuition and psychic abilities, astral travel, etc. Crystals also provide protection from all types of negative energies including psychic attack. Through people, crystals are able to promote personal and planetary ascension to raise the universal consciousness. They are some of the most inspiring tools of light known to man.

Crystals can be chosen in two different ways. Sometimes, one may have a specific reason for choosing a stone, in which case he or she can choose the stone based on its known properties. To use this method of selection, one should research the physical or emotional problem he or she is experiencing and then choose a corresponding stone. One may also, however, intuitively choose stones by selecting one or a few out of a bag at random (or by laying them out and selecting whichever he or she is most drawn to). Then, one should attempt to connect with the stone and feel its energy (to discover the primary uses of the stone. If one would like to check his or her intuitive insights against information included in publications of the stone's known properties, he or she can read about that stone's associated characteristics (which are typically useful for his or her situation) in books or on the internet.

AGATE, BLUE LACE: Use at the 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) for encouraging peace and calming, to promote speaking one's truth, in the garden to enhance crop production and for general plant health, to encourage joy, to become grounded, to stay centered and balanced in mind, body, and spirit, to stimulate will power, to heal problems associated with the nervous system or circulation, and to block out negative energies associated with geopathic stress.