8 Hot Ways to Turn Him On

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Wake Him Up with Sexiness


Guys are notorious for waking ready and raring to go. Work this to your advantage. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier than your man's, slip out of your nightie and wake him up with a little sexiness.

Crawl under the covers and snuggle up to him so he feels your lack of clothing. Kiss him gently, and whisper sexy ideas in his ear. You'll have him fully awake and alert in no time! He'll love your spontaneity, and you'll help him kick his day off to a great start!


Sneak in the Shower with Him


While he's sudsing up in the morning, quietly sneak in the bathroom and slip off your clothes. Pull the curtain back slightly, and sneak in while he's turned the other direction. Wrap your arms around him from behind and start kissing his neck.

You'll startle, excite and turn him on all at the same time. And -- big bonus -- the shower makes for easy cleanup after you're done!