8 Hot Ways to Turn Him On

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Dance for Him


If you've got moves, show them off! Turn undressing into a slow and sexy striptease. One button at a time, start to remove your clothing piece by piece and give him just a little peek of what's to come. Turn on some smooth jazz or R&B to really amp up the mood.

He'll be on edge waiting for that last piece of clothing to disappear but it's doubtful he'll be able to wait that long. He'll be ripe for the picking in just minutes!

Giddy Up!


Every man loves a cowgirl, right? Forget the standard missionary position; it's time for you to get on top. Saddle up and ride your guy like a pony. Yell "yee haw" and pretend your lassoing cow-poke if you have to; just do whatever you need to do to get in the moment.

In addition to not having to do all the work, your man will love your take-charge attitude, and you'll both find pleasure in the exciting position!