10 Economical Ways to Have Fun

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3. Dining With a Twist

Host a cooking competition in your very own kitchen, using a set budget (say, $7 per person/dish) and a specific "secret" ingredient (i.e., avocado). Everyone has to make a dish using that star ingredient and you all get to bask in the joy of a fun, adventurous meal together.If you're in the mood to connect with friends and neighbors, open up your house for a neighborhood potluck or picnic. No fancy themes or catering required - just some music, tasty homemade food and great conversation.

4. Family Slumber Party

Who needs a cookie-cutter, generic hotel room, when you can turn your living room into the perfect setting for a family slumber party? Make forts out of the couch cushions and blankets, pull your mattresses into the living room, make popcorn and ice cream sundaes and watch scary or funny movies. Stay up late and tell ghost stories or play a game of truth or dare.

5. Old-School Game Time

Take a break from the electronic devices that command so much of the family's attention and enjoy a day or evening of old-school games like kick the can, tag, Red Rover, capture the flag, hide-and-seek, flashlight tag, jump rope (Double Dutch) and hop-scotch.