10 Economical Ways to Have Fun

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Organize a scavenger hunt in the backyard or throughout your neighborhood. You can even host a mini field day for your family with competitions for the egg catch, wheelbarrow races and other classic feats of strength and derring-do.

6. Turn Your Kids Into Reporters

Give your kids a notebook and pencil and take them out on the town to do some investigative reporting and help them to write and lay out a community "newspaper" for the family. They can review a free outdoor concert, or the best ice cream cone they've ever had.

They could even conduct interviews and write a profile of the local pet rescue center. Bring a camera along on your adventures so they can get visual elements to enhance the story. Even if writing isn't your thing, you're bound to enjoy exploring your community!

7. Do Your Own Investigative Work

Scour the Internet for deals on restaurant meals or movie tickets. Call your local chamber of commerce or convention and visitors' bureau and inquire about any local entertainment deals for community residents. Check your local newspaper for listings of free family-friendly festivals, concerts, parades and fairs. Join your local group through Freecycle.org and keep an eye out for used sports equipment and other recreational goods.