8 Ways to Make Learning Fun

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#2 - Make Learning Special

Kids love to feel special and unique. Spend "alone time" with your child and incorporate some learning. Reading a book while following the words with your finger, is a good introduction for children who are just learning how to read. As your child starts to learn the alphabet, you help your young one pick out letters during your special reading time.

You can also set aside a special time everyday to "learn something new". This can be based on your child's school assignment, flipping to a random page in a child's encyclopedia, or even taking a walk around your neighborhood and then going back home to look up some of the plants and animals you spotted.

#3 - Play a Game

Remember Go Fish and Crazy Eights? Play card games with your kids to help them learn numbers. As an added bonus, your children will learn the fundamentals of good sportsmanship. As your children learn, add in progressively harder games that rely less on chance and more on strategy. Be careful though. You may end up with a card-shark Go Fish kid!