8 Ways to Make Learning Fun

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#4 -Take Day Trips

What are your kids learning about in school this week? If your children are learning about dinosaurs, take them to see some "real live" fossils at a local museum. If your kids are learning about the history of their town or state, take them to some historic local sites or buildings (you can usually look up some spots online). Your kids will be excited about the excursion and won't even realize that you are putting them through a learning experience.

#5 - What Does Your Child Love?

Children often go through periods of obsession when learning. For example, some kids fall in love with trains. Others fall in love with dinosaurs. Even if you have seen an exhibit at a museum a dozen times, take your kids back again. Your children will always learn something new while visiting old "friends." At the same time, you can introduce your kids to other parts of the museum to spark new interests.

In addition, keep track of new exhibits. Museums always rotate in new material. A special exhibit that features a subject related to your child's "learning obsession" can be a real treat for all of you.