8 Ways to Make Learning Fun

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#8 - Be Positive and Responsive

Above all when working with your children, be positive. Focus on the progress your child is making and, while not dismissing mistakes out of hand, make sure that your child understands that making mistakes is a natural part of learning. Making mistakes doesn't mean your child is "stupid" or "dumb."

You also may need to remind yourself to stay patient. Remember that you still sometimes find yourself where your child is now, struggling to get a concept that is just around the corner from being understood. You just have to help your child to find the path to understanding. This means that you may have to explain that path several times before your child actually remembers or you may have to find an alternative path that explains the concept differently.

Think in terms of your child's concept of time. If you are dealing with a grade school child, 15 minutes can seem like an eternity while 15 minutes can go by in the snap of a second for a teenager. Your child has limits. Much as you would like, you aren't going to be able to figuratively pound a concept into your child's head, particularly if you are pushing beyond your child's attention span. Switch subjects or go doing something fun for a while.

Your child will learn. And, so will you.

Have fun!