8 Ways to Make Learning Fun

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#6 - Let Your Child Teach You

Children love to be in control, particularly if they have control over you! Let your child be the teacher from time to time. Yes, you may have to take over once in a while if your kid makes a mistake or takes you in the wrong direction. However, your child's gleeful expression as your kid corrects your "mistakes" will make it worthwhile. Take your pick. This is terrific for math, vocabulary and spelling.

Your child can also read an assignment to you rather than the other way around. Then, you child can ask you questions about the reading. After a while, it can be your turn to ask your child questions.

#7 - Plan a Vacation

We, as a society, are often too focused on getting to our destinations as quickly as possible. On your next vacation, slow down a little. You might want to:

  • Explore small-town museums;
  • Look at historic markers; and
  • Take a look at regional "tourist traps" just for fun, no matter how silly they are.

Not only can your children learn about the history and geography of the area your family is visiting, you will all be building up terrific memories that you will cherish in the future.